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Authentic Italian Cuisine from Carini Italy


Our story begins with our name Carini, which is a town in Palermo, Sicily.  After arriving to the America in 1976  and working in a restaurant both husband and wife started their dream of owning their own business.  The restaurant was founded in 1978 by Giosue and Rosalia Sanzone and Carini is their hometown.   They have three children Cecilia, Vincenzo and Maria.  After over 37 years Giosue and Rosalia are still hands on along with their youngest daughter Maria.


We at Carini's are committed to creating and serving only food meeting the highest standards of quality and freshness.  With our remarkable food and rustic ambiance, we strive to have every customer who enters Carini's be happy and satisfied.  We thank all our customers new and old for your continued loyalty.


Sincerely Giosue and Rosalia


About Carini Italy

Set on a hill overlooking its very own bay, Carini claims to have legendarary origins. Maybe founded by Daedalus who called it Hyccara, in memory of his son Icarus, it was destroyed by the Athenians in 415 BC, then it was rebuilt by the Phoenicians and, under Romans, became a stipendiary town of the Empire. In the Feudal age, it was assimilated into the feudal holdings of the powerful Chiaramonte, then passing to the Moncada, in the 15th century, and, finally, to the La Grua-Talamanca who ruled over until nowadays.


Up along a road marked by broad bends, you reach a nice belvedere with enchanting views over the coast; here begins Corso Umberto I, Carini’s main street. Further along, a horse-shoe shaped flight of shallow steps makes its way up past the town’s medieval water fountain, to a 1100’s archway and beyond to the old part of the town, threaded by narrow streets, and the castle.

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